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Thank you so much for exploring around! I am an industrial engineer and biology lover working on being a glass artist. I first started melting glass ten years ago but making it my priority took some time. For the last four years, I have been working on improving my flameworking skills. I know it’s an endless journey, enjoying every second of it and thankful that I have found my passion.

All the pieces are made from borosilicate or Effetre soda-lime glass. (No paint or prints) I melt solid glass rods with the help of a propane-oxygen torch. I shape the glass in the flame by using gravity and various tools and anneal in a digitally controlled kiln for long-lasting durability.

Glass is a magical material; melting and shaping it in a flame is also magical experience. Alternating stages with different temperatures make it dazzling. Not being able to touch the molten glass makes the experience more unique. If you are a glass lover like me, please run to your local glass blowers shop and give it a try.

Feel free to contact me through the form below and my Instagram account for any questions or custom requests.


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