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Arachne in a Glass Dome

This is a borosilicate glass sculpture of a half women and half spider creature, inspired by the mythological character Arachne.

The sculpture was created by melting glass rods using a torch and annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for long-lasting durability.

I put this glass sculpture into a glass dome with a wooden bottom as if she was trapped. The size of the jar is 12x10x10 cm, and the spider women dimensions are 9x7x7 cm.
"Arachne, her name meaning spider in Greek, was a beautiful woman with a great talent in weaving. Everyone was amazed at her work, and one day, Arachne thought that she had a greater talent than goddess Athena herself. This was an offence towards the gods, a grave and even a deadly sin for the ancient Greeks. Athena transformed her into a spider to wave for all her life long."