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Chilli Charm Necklace

This chilli pepper charm necklace is made from 5 handmade glass chilli charms.

Each chilli charm measures approx 2.5 cm.

The 14K gold-plated stainless steel Rolo chain measures approx 40cm with a ring and bar toggle clasp.

All the pendants and charms are created by melting borosilicate glass rods using a torch and annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for long-lasting durability.

Due to the unique nature of this jewelry, each charm will be slightly different.

"The colour and shape of the chili pepper look similar to red cornicelli. Garlands of red chili peppers can be found hanging all over the streets of Naples, as a symbol of good luck. During the Middle Ages, the colour red had a double meaning: it symbolized victory over enemies, including the Devil, and it symbolized good luck. In Naples, it is recognized as a symbol of good luck and protection."