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Memorial Glass Pendant

Bespoke Handmade Glass Memorials. Your loved ones ashes will be carefully sealed inside the glass forever by Burcu Sevgor.

Once you have placed your order and complete the secure checkout, you will receive a unique order number that will be used to identify your loved one’s ashes through the entire process. An email which includes simple instructions will be sent to you.

Any unused ashes will be returned with your finished pieces.
We are honored to make these memorial keepsakes for you. Please know we will treat your loved ones' ashes with utmost respect. You will receive a notification once the collection kit arrives in our studio. From there, we use a very small amount of ashes are used in the glass blowing process to complete the pendant design. The completed glass cremation pendant and the remaining ashes are then shipped back to you. Each pendant uses a very small amount of cremation ashes